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If we ask which is the most popular, most visited and most profitable upload site in the world, I'm sure everyone will think of
Turbobit, which has become one of the pioneers of the upload industry for years, is a file uploading site that always manages to provide its users with its constant update, file sharing on many sites, and most importantly, its quality infrastructure.

Unlimited and Fast Cloud Storage and Premium Account Benefits

Turbobit is managed by a team that shapes itself according to today's needs.
Many upload sites have been deleted from the market in the past, but a site that serves millions of people like Turbobit is fully compliant with the law and does not allow any data breach. The motto of the site is Unlimited and fast file cloud.
In short, is a boon for those who want to store files on the blut.

Why Turbobit?

The biggest advantage of Turbobit is the support services, as well as the availability of many different file upload options. For example, if you log in to your account and download the desktop application turbo uploader, you can synchronize files directly from your computer.
A second file upload feature is to upload files by drag and drop from the browser, which is really useful.

The main advantages of Turbobit are;

What is Turbo Access?

As with many upload sites, offers faster access in high-class storage.
In this system called Turbo Erim, you can download files much faster by purchasing a premium membership from the site.
There are real speed differences between a person with turbo access and those without, so it is very important to use turbo access for downloading large files.

How to Get Premium Account?

When you buy a premium account, you are now among the special members of turbobit.
In short, you can use the opportunities offered by the site to the fullest.
To get an account, you need to click on the Turbo access page, and here you will see daily, weekly, monthly and annual packages.
You can easily enter the premium member class by choosing and purchasing a package that fits your budget. Prices are very attractive, especially for long-term purchases.

Turbobit Payment Options

The site has a very extensive payment infrastructure.
It will only take you a few seconds to choose and purchase the one that suits you.
Among the payment ways; VISA/Master Card, SMS payment, Skrill payment, Bitcoin/Litecoin/Zcash payment, Paysafe card payment, bank transfer, webmoney, QIWI wallet and payment via dealers.

I Have Turbobit Premium Code How Do I Activate?

If you have a turbobit premium code gifted to you by someone, you are lucky.
You can quickly transfer your gift as premium to your own account by filling in the email and code fields at the bottom of the Turbo access page.

How to Upload Files to Turbobit?

As we mentioned above, there are quite a few different file upload options and they are really useful.

How to Report a Turbobit Data Breach?

Turbobit is a file upload site that puts a lot of emphasis on data breaching. In short, the site does not want to host illegal programs, warez content, +18 content.
If you come across such content and want to report it, you can report abuse at

Turbobit Premium Link Converter Sites

In cases where you do not want to get a premium account for downloading a few files, leech, premium link translation sites, will come to your rescue.
Leech Cloud, Leech All, My-Debrid, Cbox-TurkDown and Ninja Leech sites are some of the most popular addresses.

Turbobit Premium Prices

You can see many current prices on the Turbo access page.
As of now, the prices applied by the site are as follows;

In addition, you can get an additional 1200 GB of traffic to your total traffic with the turbo plus option, the price of this package is $2.99.