Drive Google

What is Drive Google?

Drive Google is managed by the Google team and can be managed on many different devices. Because your files are held on cloud servers, they are not deleted, lost or played in any way. You can share the files you upload with different users or you can create different common sharing fields and invite different people.

How Many GB Storage in Drive Google Gives?

The capacity offered by Google Drive is moderate, compared to other competitors, as the rivals have 50 GB data at 5 GB per minute. Google Drive provides 15 GB of space for all users in its free package. If you do not receive a paid package when you reach this area, your existing files will stop but you cannot upload new files.

Why use Google Drive?

The primary reason is Google’s trust. For other reasons, Google, which has data centers in various locations, allows you to download and upload your data as quickly as possible from the nearest location. Again, for data security, it can spread your information to all data centers and protect your data almost 100% in case of a fire, natural disaster.

What Files Can Be Loaded in Google Drive

There are no file extension files saved in Google Drive. MP3 files from MP4 files, zip, rar, pdf, docx, xlsx, avi, mpeg you can store your data in all extensions. If you have an illegal content and you get a complaint, your account may be closed when it appears to be risky.

What You Can Do with Google Drive Search

Nowadays, Drive Google is preferred because it is available on all devices and has millions of files. There is no limit to downloading on Google Drive, which comes as the default app on all Android phones, and you don’t need a paid membership. Therefore, using the search engine on our site you can find many files quickly and easily can be downloaded at any time.