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What is eDisk?

EDisk is an online data source where you can’t just backup, send and share your files.
You can now create shared data networks with your friends and colleagues. EDisk can easily handle even files that don’t fit in email. Check eDisk for free with a free account.

Speed eDisk

You will waste a minimum of time downloading and uploading files. EDisk is directly connected to the Internet backbone with a 1,000 Mbps line.

Reliability eDisk

eDisk has uninterrupted technical support. A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) provides 24-hour power outage protection. Your data is backed up daily and protected by a firewall. eDisk.cz

Discretion eDisk

101/2000 Coll. They relate to the protection of personal data and we use them only to meet the requirements of the operation of the portal. Your personal data will not be misused for spamming and will not be given to other organisations.

Comfort eDisk

You can manage your mailbox 24/7 from any computer connected to the Internet. If necessary, you can grant access to your data box indefinitely to other users.

Safety eDisk

All data sent between your web browser and the eDisk server is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption as standard. Access to your files is protected by a username and password.