What can TeraBox do for you?

At TeraBox, we offer the best cloud storage solution, providing you with 1TB of free storage. With our “Locked Box” feature, your data stays private and secure, certified by ISO/IEC standards for data and privacy protection.


Auto Cloud Backup Photos, Videos & Folders

Say goodbye to missing data with TeraBox’s auto cloud backup for your photos, videos, and folders. Enjoy the convenience of saving space on your devices while ensuring your data is always backed up and accessible.


Video Player for Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone

Experience seamless online video and audio playback with TeraBox’s versatile video player. Enjoy multi-speed playback and choose video clarity up to full HD 1080P.


Privileges for Premium Users

Unlock premium features with 2TB of cloud storage, large file uploads up to 20GB, and high-speed file management tools. Our premium users also benefit from file decompression and batch downloads.


TeraBox Referral Program

Join our referral program to share files and earn commissions, potentially earning over $100 per week. Reduce your server and storage costs while sharing the benefits of TeraBox with others.


TeraBox Can Also Help You

Discover additional features such as file sharing via email or onelink, remote uploading with video links or torrents, file preview for various file types, and easy photo management through our cloud photo vault.


With 1024tera.com, TeraBox is your ultimate solution for free, private, and secure cloud storage, ensuring your data is always accessible, backed up, and protected. Experience the convenience and reliability of TeraBox today!