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The South Carolina Freedom of Information Act, section 30-4-30(d)(3) specifies that a law enforcement officer must submit to public scrutiny documents identifying persons held in any prison, detention center or prison for the previous three persons. months. We have established this website as a method to comply with this law. It is not intended to be an embarrassment to anyone, but rather to comply with existing public record laws. has no prisoner records whatsoever on this website. All information comes from their respective sites with the google search engine.

Records still exist unless deleted by normal Freedom of Information Act guidelines at the respective Sites.

Anyone arrested is presumed innocent unless ruled otherwise by a court of appropriate jurisdiction.

Additional records may be requested through the Newberry County Sheriff’s Office at 550 Wilson Road, Newberry, SC 29108 or using the Freedom of Information Act Request available on this site.



All information provided by this service is considered public information as defined by North Carolina State Law.

While every effort is made to ensure that the information submitted is correct, it may contain errors, factual or otherwise. Prisoner information changes rapidly and published data may not reflect current information. The date of the prisoner is scheduled to be updated by noon every weekday.

This information does not reflect the criminal history or criminal background of any current or previous detainee. A person is presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.


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