pCloud is a company based in Switzerland attempting that offers great deals in this the ever-competitive cloud niche....

Pcloud About

p-Cloud is a quality company that will make a difference in file storage in the world, providing an easy-to-use and versatile cloud storage solution.
It has more than 10.5 million users to date, and this number is growing rapidly.
A complete and secure platform for storing, synchronizing and working with your company files with your colleagues.
p-Cloud is your personal cloud storage where you can store all your files and folders.
Its easy-to-use interface shows you where everything is located and how it works.
The software is available for almost all devices and platforms – iOS and Android devices, MacOSX, Windows OS and all Linux distributions.
By installing p Cloud on your computer (via its desktop application pCloud Drive), the application creates a secure virtual drive that expands your local storage.
Any changes you make to your p-Cloud can be seen instantly on your computer, phone or tablet. All your devices are synchronized immediately and provide direct access to every update you make.
There are superior features tuned to your business needs.
Scalable system
Increased storage space
Advanced search
Unrivaled security (pCloud Crypto)
You can share your digital data with your own branding..
Access on all devices
Download Windows, macOS, Linux, IOS, Android, Add-on, Lightroom Plug-in.

P cloud Premium Account Benefits

  • 500 GB Storage and 2 TB Storage
    500 GB Download link traffic and 2 TB Download link traffic
    Fair share
    Download link branding
    30 days trash history
  • Collaboration
    Share Download and Upload links
    Invite users to shared folders
    Get detailed stats for your links
    Brand your Download links
  • Media and Usability
    Built-in video player
    Video streaming
    Built-in audio player with playlists
    Unlimited file size and speed
  • File Management
    File Versioning
    Data recovery
    Remote Upload
    Online document preview
    Rewind account
  • Access and Synchronization
    Automatic Upload of your Camera Roll
    HDD extension through p Cloud Drive
    Selective offline access
    Automatic sync across multiple devices
  • Security
    TLS/SSL channel protection
    256-bit AES encryption for all files
    5 copies of files on different servers
    Option for an extra layer of encryption
  • Backups from
    Google Drive

P cloud and Premium Prices

  • When you want to buy a premium account on Pcloud.com, the 30, 365 and Life Time premium options are available.
  • The premium price of 30 days is $4,99, 365 days $47,88, Life Time $175
  • You can check the current prices here Price
  • The site sells premium via Visa, Master, Paypal, Bitcoin payment channel.

P cloud Boost your space! and Make Money

  • Invite as many friends you can, get 1 GB each and enter to win 500GB space for a lifetime.
  • Everyone you refer through an invite link gets a Premium account for free for one month. Once they’ve spent another paid month with us, you’ll get $5 back.
  • There is absolutely no limit to the amount of credit you can get through referrals.