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Uploadboy offers fast and secure file hosting services.

Each user serves up to 100GB of storage space, which can be stored for backup or made accessible from other devices without having to carry a USB stick elsewhere.

Premium users can access even more storage, up to 1TB.

The website and all the details that users store on it are secured with secure data encryption.

Services are free, but registration is required.
Creating a free account is simple and fast, it can be done via email or Facebook or Google+.

Uploaded files can be locked with a password.

Bloggers and small websites can make their content public to keep their web hosting costs low.

Uploadboy also provides several free upload tools: Uploadboy CFM allows file management features through a Windows desktop device, Desktop Uploader for both Windows and MAC, Android File Manager and ZOOM MultiHosting File Uploader.

Its premium service offers maximum download speed, multiple downloads, daily 100GB download limit, no download file size restriction and 20GB upload file size limit, no captcha, no ads, no other benefits that are not included in the free alternative.

Uploadboy provides file hosting services with reliable speed and security.

Each user gets up to 100 GB of storage space only for them and their files, which can be stored for backup or to make them accessible from other devices elsewhere without having to carry around a USB stick.

Furthermore, the services can be used to give other users access to files that would be too large or too many of them to send via email.

Premium users get access to even more space: up to 1 TB.

The website and all details users store on it is secured via safe data encryption. The services are free of charge, but a registration is necessary.

Creating a free account is simple and fast, it can be done via email or through Facebook or Google+.

Bloggers and small websites can make their content available publicly to keep their own web hosting costs at a low level. The uploaded files can be locked by a password.

Uploadboy also provides a variety of available free upload tools: Uploadboy CFM, allowing file management features through a Windows desktop device, Desktop Uploader for both Windows and MAC, Android File Manager and ZOOM MultiHosting File Uploader.

Links on the website lead to fast downloads of these tools that can make working with files online easier by allowing features such as multi-threaded download, HTTP Proxy support, upload from URL or queuing file uploading. Unlike other similar websites like Uloz.to, Uploadboy doesn’t have a search bar to look for specific files, instead a download link is needed. The link is sent to the user after each upload, together with a delete link for a quick removal of the file from the cloud storage.

If this link was lost by the user, they can simply wait until the item is deleted automatically.

For free users, this is after 30 days since the last download for files smaller than 10 MB and 1 year for larger files, for premium users it’s 90 days after the last download for data up to 10 MB and also 1 year for files larger than 10 MB. Registered users can download up to 10 GB per day, up and downloadable file size is limited to 2 GB, they can resume paused or abandoned downloads, have a limited support of download managers and can download simultaneously up to 20 files.

Premium also offers other benefits not included in the free alternative like maximum download speed, multi downloads, a daily download limit of 100 GB, no restrictions on download file size and a upload file size limit of 20 GB,no captcha, no ads, no timer before each download, remote upload, FTP upload, simultaneous downloading of up to 50 files, online video streaming, unlimited bandwidth, priority support and very high simultaneous connections.

There are four pricing plans offered: for 30, 90, 180 and 365 days. Payment is possible via credit card, MyBalance or Premium Voucher.

For other options, there are resellers who offer payment in PayPal, local bank transfer, Webmoney, Bitcoin, WorldPay, Cirrus and many others.

Uploadboy also provides a link checker, where users can test the availability of a link by pasting it in a text box, information for people seeking banner services and resellers and a News page, where updates and useful info is periodically added and users can comment on them.

Most amazingly, however, Uploadboy can help its users who own a website earn money by using their services. There are three ways to do this:

  • Pay per Sale, where 30% of the purchase of any premium subscription sent by the affiliate is sent to them, Pay per Rebills, which works the same way and 10% of referral earnings.
  • Payouts have to meet a minimum of 5 USD,they are made on a weekly basis and are processed with PayPal and WebMoney.
  • Each IP can generate a maximum income of 0.01 USD per day.
  • In case of any issues or questions, the user can contact the owners of Uploadboy on the web page Contact by typing it into a text box and entering their name and email address, or by contacting the provided email address.
  • Refunds are possible only after a request made within 10 days after the last payment and are sent only via Paypal and webmoney. 10% of the amount is reduced for tax.

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