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What Is, and Is It Safe?


RainberryTV ( is a streaming platform boasting more than 20 live channels and partnerships with over 100 streaming providers. The site offers a plethora of short streaming clips, featuring up-to-date news and events. Viewers can enjoy a diverse range of content, including sports, science, technology, gaming, movies, and television shows, as well as niche clips like live footage from the San Diego Zoo. Sports enthusiasts can benefit from RainberryTV’s collection of post-match interviews. The platform is accessible for free, with no requirement to create a user account or subscribe.


Is Safe?

To ensure the legitimacy of, I conducted thorough analyses for malware and malicious content. Here are the results:


Upon scanning with Sucuri, no issues were detected. Results: Sucuri scan for Sucuri scan results


A parasite scan with Unmask Parasites yielded clean results for Results: Unmask Parasites scan for


Furthermore, was checked on VirusTotal, showing no signs of malicious activity. Results: VirusTotal scan for VirusTotal scan results


In conclusion, is devoid of malware and poses a low security risk according to Sucuri. Additionally, Unmask Parasites confirms its cleanliness. Neither Sucuri nor VirusTotal security vendors have flagged as malicious.